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For SG guys who like to hang out au naturel and let it hang loose.
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  2. for uni hall and oversea sem are u alone or with roommates?
  3. Uni hall -- yes Overseas sem -- yes vacation -- depends on who's with me, but usually yes
  4. there are always nudist resorts/hotels for overseas vacations in Asia when one can be nude all the time in a non-sexual but liberating/naturist way...been to one and really enjoyed it
  5. anyone naked elsewhere beside your own room at home, for example when staying in hall or study oversea. even during vacation?
  6. don't mind nude cleaning if paid too...
  7. Room in Woodlands for rental. Pm me if keen.
  8. If anyone is keen to hang in the nude, can host 2 pax (excluding me) on Sat 6Nov afternoon / evening at City Hall mrt area.
  9. Rental to be discussed further after potential tenant is keen in the place.
  10. How much you should highlight the price? I not renting but unless i find a job nearby
  11. Anyone seeking to rent a room?
  12. @riverrobles HMU when you visit SG - will be keen to just hang out in nude, sex not required... looking for nudist friends but often difficult to find the right person to click with...
  13. Any nudist seeking to rent a room? I am seeking a tenant for Woodlands condo common room. Pm me if keen.
  14. Hi guys, I am planning the next group fun! Details as follows: Venue: 5* hotel in Marina Bay area Time: 9AM (day) to 12PM (Noon) Date: 12 September 2021 (Sunday) Maximum 5 guys. We have 1 pure top, 1 flex, 1 pure bottom 2 more SLOTS available!!! 1. Age 20s to 40s 2. No raw, no cf, safe fun only 3. No spectators 4. Condoms and lubes provided 5. Hotel cost will be split equally 6. Comes with food and drinks Let me know if you are keen and I will reserve a slot for you. Based on first come first served basis. Once payment has been made, I will add you into the group chat. For serious ONLY: Please PM me with introduction and your pictures please. Thanks guys
  15. Any one going to hang out nude outdoor tonight?
  16. Can I Join in? Telegram me at eugenedekchai
  17. Do you still plan to organize this after the pandemic @xavichan? I am keen to join once I am back in Singapore.

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