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  2. any legitimate pharmacy in the Silom/Surawong area, very easy. Just don't buy from street vendors for obvious reasons.
  3. If this person can be stolen by you then chances are someone else can steal him from you as well. Instead of trying to steal the guy, why not suggest a 3way with the couple?
  4. https://appear.in/cams420
  5. Hi there.." Welcome on board to the Blowing Wind forum"♥♥♥ 

  6. Hi there.." Welcome on board to the Blowing Wind forum"♥♥♥ 

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  8. One hears frequently in the gay community that "gays are so shallow". This self-critic is not realistic. We are not shallower than straights in any aspect. If at all we are more honest, and call what is sex, SEX.
  9. Wrong analogy. It's 2 way as you are consumer and can also be the seller. If you have to buy because you lack the aesthetics, then you're considered lc. Strangely enough, those who can sell even if they're not planning to sell, they are considered hc. Like you said, supply and demand. But you can be the supply too if you have the aesthetics. That's why some like to boast that so and so wanted to buy him and expect others to envy them. I've been offered money to buy me before. It does boost one's ego but I'll never sell because it's not worth it for the few hundred dollars, obviously because they are those scrawny ones looking for daddy love. These can be very sticky and troublesome because of their insecurities. Maybe for a million dollars, everybody does have his price. If you have to buy then you are of negative value. Gays are so shallow that we attach monetary values to aesthetics.
  10. Bobadin

    Hug cuddle buddy

    im a chin chub 25, 182, 95. soft skin for cuddle. strictly no sex though.
  11. looking to satisfy fetishes. tell me urs

  12. https://appear.in/sgcumming
  13. Best outdoor cruise areas here?

  14. Can someone pm me how to access this place? Im confused :/
  15. skype: live:jacktantan1981
  16. I for one, find playing with another CD very kinky . I do share experiences (without naming names of course) and techniques with my CD bffs. The really difficult part is finding the sister that you can bond with, open up to and be comfortable enough with to be physically intimate.
  17. Looking for mors354 if you added me here please pm for our lucky trade.
  18. hornyboii69


  19. https://appear.in/hornyboii69
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