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  2. Hi! I'm interested. You like daddy type?
  3. chubby79

    Nsfs Gather:)

    Any young Chinese NSF like to be blind fold and gets to unload?
  4. Any one awake now? I need a suck. Chubby flabby.
  5. Today
  6. Good! You seem to have a Robust self-esteem. He won't be on the phone forever. If posts on BW bore you, what do you feel during church services? .
  7. To die ??? He can perfectly recover from this incident.
  8. It is the same view of people who smoke outdoors. They are people who can be pitied for having acquired a dumb habit that is totally negative and offers a "high" that is good for nothing. It is like working directly against one's health. Smoking costs money, and it even has a mild risk of fire. As an ex-smoker, I know that this addiction can be fully eliminated without any loss. But not all is lost. Smokers should as soon as possible dedicate serious effort to quitting, and not get discouraged by relapses that invariably happen.
  9. ...................................
  10. https://appear.in/klubtwentyseven
  11. 26 Chinese lean fit bi sub here. Looking for a fit mature dom. Not into kissing or anal. Drop me a message.
  12. Wow that guest guy must be a psychopath or something, create flaming conversations by himself with himself for himself... flameception... anyways can’t mod like restrict the forum so that guests cant comment, only registered ones can... this is so that we dont get these losers who spread rumours just coz they had a bad experience. This forum was supposed to be for sharing of honest reviews of each experience...
  13. Uniform kinky fun?

  14. Uniform kinky fun?

  15. Hi there.." Welcome on board to the Blowing Wind forum"♥♥♥ 

  16. Haha once in awhile only beb, not often. Have to save up money for every session...
  17. Hi there.." Welcome on board to the Blowing Wind forum"♥♥♥ 

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