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  2. Add me on line Id: doggysz for cam with BD
  3. Actually Zealous Zoologist X-rays Lion A R I A S
  4. I had an inspiration to put together a credible belief after reading this article @fab posted describing the Buddhist Nirvana: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nirvana_(Buddhism) This new belief is in line with traditional Buddhism, finding peace through detachment and renunciation of cravings, etc. It is all in the concept of Nirvana, the soteriological cessation of dukkha, the extinction of self, the timeless peace. This belief accepts the concepts of Buddism with one single modification: we attain nirvana after our current life, that is, we die INTO nirvana. This makes all the rebirths and successive lives superfluous. Also, it reduces karma to the natural principle of cause-and-effect throughout our life. This is an incredible simplification, and it takes away the mysterious, the miraculous of a speculative rebirth, reincarnation. And this simplification makes sense: if we find ourselves with all the attachments, sufferings, ignorance following the ONE birth we know, why should we not get rid of all these in ONE death? This belief does not take away the benefits of practicing Buddhism, which eliminates suffering and brings peace during the natural life. And it adds a very important detachment: The detachment from JUSTICE. What is rebirth and karma but a way to satisfy our need for justice through a superior mechanism? It is a common saying that "there is no justice on earth". What if we can accept that there is no justice, period!? Nature is blind to justice, it does not care for the victims of its natural disasters, which we are resigned to call "acts of God". Once we reach nirvana we should be disconnected from all the justice and injustice that happened during our life. It is all erased, like the color of our eyes in life. I am happy to formulate this new belief which like atheism does not need any supernatural nor Gods. I don't now how to name it, so I may simply call it "Steveism". I don't think that I could ever attain nirvana trough traditional Buddhism, since I will not ever be able to lose my craving for chocolate ice cream! .
  5. For me when it comes to a sister, it takes quite some time for me to open up. But with Men. But endgame. Once close and comfortable.. Heh.
  6. While GuestTalkSerious is taking the role of the plaintiff, I have to point out that 1) u have absolutely zero direct evidence to even go anywhere near the term “legal”— law is law, yes, but u completely brushed off the guy’s rights before even throwing the accusation at someone who has no relationship with u (aka “victim”) at all — he is not required to hold any responsibilities to even reply u (unless, yes, legal actions taken against him) 2) say, assumming that a legal firm willing to take up ur case based on almost nothing (allegation, at most) — then only to write u the “legal document” (legal contract, I assumed) that u wanted, why do u think that the accused is obligated to sign the contract? (Since signing the contract is like agreeing to he DID record the “victim” and now he has to comply to signing this) (fun fact: it does not prevent anything, it’s to ensure u (at least) get something in return if things go south..) 3) even if the contract was signed, n there was a breach (ie: video leaked into the internet), then only u can take further legal action against the accused— I assumed that’s what u meant in ur statement by getting police involved (I’m guessing u thinking of arrest warrant). —————————————————— All this procedures, before the victim n accused even meet up in court, having ur hopes up high that u finally gonna get ur justice, then only to know that: the truth (of what actually happened) is NOT important, what important is the things you can prove in court. Yes, you gotta prove the video was leaked by the accused. Otherwise, it could also be leaked by the victim/ anyone else, u know. Lets us not even talk about ur total nettworth/ claims (my assumption: it probably not as high as u think u deserved, seeing how u talked out of ur rear), when it comes to getting the compensation for the damages caused by the accused’s mischief, and all this, only given the accused was pleaded guilty (number of charges n degree of seriousness) p/s: legal action is possible, however not recommendable (considering legal cost, time, effort).
  7. @NewbieOnboard, kindly avoid such action (removing everything from your post) that resulted in the disruption above. Next time, if yours was a clashed (due to the thread not being refreshed), please edit only the sentence, leaving the 5-letter there while you're editing. Thanks. (do note that sometimes this thread might move very fast when a few members posted simultaneously within the few minutes eh) Zealous Executive Needs Expensive Ring (Z E N E R) Unusual Nurse Found Original Reports (U N F O R) A Z Z X L
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  9. any legitimate pharmacy in the Silom/Surawong area, very easy. Just don't buy from street vendors for obvious reasons.
  10. If this person can be stolen by you then chances are someone else can steal him from you as well. Instead of trying to steal the guy, why not suggest a 3way with the couple?
  11. https://appear.in/........................
  12. Hi there.." Welcome on board to the Blowing Wind forum"♥♥♥ 

  13. Hi there.." Welcome on board to the Blowing Wind forum"♥♥♥ 

  14. One hears frequently in the gay community that "gays are so shallow". This self-critic is not realistic. We are not shallower than straights in any aspect. If at all we are more honest, and call what is sex, SEX.
  15. Wrong analogy. It's 2 way as you are consumer and can also be the seller. If you have to buy because you lack the aesthetics, then you're considered lc. Strangely enough, those who can sell even if they're not planning to sell, they are considered hc. Like you said, supply and demand. But you can be the supply too if you have the aesthetics. That's why some like to boast that so and so wanted to buy him and expect others to envy them. I've been offered money to buy me before. It does boost one's ego but I'll never sell because it's not worth it for the few hundred dollars, obviously because they are those scrawny ones looking for daddy love. These can be very sticky and troublesome because of their insecurities. Maybe for a million dollars, everybody does have his price. If you have to buy then you are of negative value. Gays are so shallow that we attach monetary values to aesthetics.
  16. Bobadin

    Hug cuddle buddy

    im a chin chub 25, 182, 95. soft skin for cuddle. strictly no sex though.
  17. looking to satisfy fetishes. tell me urs

  18. https://appear.in/sgcumming
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