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  2. anyone later at 10am. PM me
  3. Of course the top want me to moan because my moaning is his performance meter. The louder I moan, the more macho he feels. If I don't moan loud enough, he'll pinch my nipples or piak my backside to punish me because I usually moan low and softly. Especially during a gang bang, they will compare who can make me moan louder. But usually the strongest fucker who can bang till I autocum will win because that's when I thrash about, gasp and moan shamelessly reaching my orgasm.
  4. IMO, what Nicholas did is wrong. He has been ‘disciplined’. Many ppl feel his punishment is too ‘light’ but that’s not his (Nicholas’) fault. It’s another part of the equation. That gal (aka victim who got filmed) who posted her frustration in social media, I can understand her feeling at that time. However, she has failed to think about the consequences of her action. The reaction of the people on social media is the worst of all. Deplorable. That’s no different from cyber bullying!
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  6. Hi! I'm interested. You like daddy type?
  7. chubby79

    Nsfs Gather:)

    Any young Chinese NSF like to be blind fold and gets to unload?
  8. Any one awake now? I need a suck. Chubby flabby.
  9. Good! You seem to have a Robust self-esteem. He won't be on the phone forever. If posts on BW bore you, what do you feel during church services? .
  10. To die ??? He can perfectly recover from this incident.
  11. It is the same view of people who smoke outdoors. They are people who can be pitied for having acquired a dumb habit that is totally negative and offers a "high" that is good for nothing. It is like working directly against one's health. Smoking costs money, and it even has a mild risk of fire. As an ex-smoker, I know that this addiction can be fully eliminated without any loss. But not all is lost. Smokers should as soon as possible dedicate serious effort to quitting, and not get discouraged by relapses that invariably happen.
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  13. https://appear.in/klubtwentyseven
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