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  1. Don't Like To Be Called Uncle

    Thought that I share this article in ST today about uncles and aunties. Fashion: http://www.straitstimes.com/lifestyle/fashion/are-you-more-stylish-than-auntie-irene Interview on uncle who plays aunty and uncle on screen: http://www.straitstimes.com/lifestyle/ham-it-up-on-screen
  2. I am not a robot

    The actor Yoo Seung-ho and actress Chae Soo-bin have an interesting chemistry on this k-drama. The drama is coming to an end soon, 4 more episode. Currently Oh!K also is telecasting an similar drama - Borg Mom.
  3. [CNY] Dog days are coming.....

    Very cute hongbao. Where can I get this? Thanks.
  4. Travel Buddy to Bangkok (31st Aug - 3rd Sept)

    I will be there from the 31 Aug to 4 Sept.
  5. BW Help! BKK Itienary

    Hi, There is a few things that you can do in BKK. You can do a day tour out of BKK, like Ayutthaya, the ancient capital of Thailand where you can see the Buddha's head embedded in the roots of a tree, Damnoen Saduak Floating Market Tour, Bridge on the River Kwai & Historic Railway Tour (Death Railway). Visit the website - www.bangkok.com to get some suggestions.
  6. There are many ways how to make yourself happy. If you are religious, we pray so that the unhappiness goes away and look forward for better things to come. If you like food, eat come comfort food like dark chocolate. Chocolate releases several neurotransmitters that have positive effects on human feelings (that is, they make people happy). One of these is phenylethlyamine, which causes alertness and a degree of excitement, quickens the pulse rate, and makes you happy. If you like shopping, go window shopping and try out clothes that you think you look good in and then not buy it. The few private moments in the changing room with the nice clothes makes you happy. If you nature, go to Gardens By The Bay. Pay annual fee of $68 with benefits or $20 for two Conservatories. Enjoy the nice cool air especially after sunset. Shiok. Personally, I would go to the Gardens By The Bay. Enjoy the cool air in the Conservatories and the OCBC Skyway to enjoy the view of Marian Bay Sands and Shenton Way.
  7. I have travelled alone on package tour and paid extra. However, I am very disappointed with the rooms. They are smaller and the facilities are not as good as those in the double. Demand that they give you the same rooms and those sharing.
  8. Found this on the ActiveSg website. They stated the appropriate swimwear for men. This is an extract from the website. Hope it helps. 4. Swim Briefs For men Men commonly don swim briefs to the pool, which resembles its underwear counterpart. They are the default choice of professional athletes or those serious about using swimming as a form of exercise. Other casual swimmers enjoy briefs because of the ease of movement it provides, quick drying time and the convenience of being able to wear them under shorts. Jammers are similar to swim briefs and are also often worn in competitions. They provide greater leg coverage though at the cost of having more water resistance. One advantage that briefs, jammers and other styles that do not cover the arms of the swimmer have is providing greater flexibility to the arm. This is especially important for strokes that require broad arm movement. 5. Board Shorts For men Another popular choice especially among teenage boys and young adults would be board shorts. Board shorts are a lot like longer shorts that extend to the mid-thigh. They have now become a fashion of their own, especially during summer in Western countries. They are an all-purpose swim attire that can be worn casually in and out of the swimming pool but is never worn for swimming competitions. They are designed to dry quickly and are commonly used in various water sports such as surfing.
  9. Dear Steamfish, Get a referral to TTSH CDC. It is cheaper there and can be paid through Medisave. I am surprise at the price you are paying. However, there are different types of medication for different level of infection. Normally they start with all-in-one Combination Tablets before progressing to other types of meds. There are information found online, http://www.aidsmeds.com/, a US site. Check out for more information. Hope the info helps. Keep calm and stay strong.
  10. New Year Countdown

    Looks like is it is going to be a lonely night for me.
  11. I just login to fridae last week after almost 1 year. I do not have any problem.
  12. New Year Countdown

    I drive. Anything in mind?
  13. Looking for a probable LTR.
  14. New Year Countdown

    Opps, sorry, cutejack. Typo error.