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  1. Will finish run around 9:30
  2. Just finish run and showered. No one
  3. Just finish rum. Going to have shower in 20 minutes time
  4. yeah some army activities going on so just had my shower and left. 2 came in but I was dressed and leaving. so no sighting. Yeah not sure what kind of NS activities . Medic Rover and Toners parked there.
  5. Will be there around 9-9.30 pm
  6. Chinatown Massage Recommendation

    There is a Kim Cheong in Lucky Chinatown and a Kim at Peoples Park Complex
  7. Chinatown Massage Recommendation

    Just came back from Kim in Peoples Park Complex, My little adventure, went to the wrong place (peoples Park Centre) first, then finally got that sorted. Managed to find Kim's Massage place but he was occupied so waited for an hour before my turn. So walked around in the complex, went to the sex toy shop on the same floor and did some damaged to my wallet, followed by Ionic foot detoxification baths in some chinese shop. The water turned brown with lots of gunk, apparently I have lots of toxic fats in my body. Not sure if the "toxin" is real or just chemical concoction that turns brown after a while. After that went for my massage. Massage was good. Enough pressure and managed to press the right spots (in the middle of ICT, so lots of achey areas). Environment wise clean but so so ambience as it was pretty bright and the Hokkien music and chatter from the opposite coffee shop could be heard , but then again it may be white noise to some people. However I did managed to doze off anyway. During the massage, Kim may shift the bed as he needs to maneuver in the small area. Another thing, make sure you have some coins incase you need to use the toilet as you have to pay 10 cents to use the toilets in Peoples Park Complex. I managed to get a card from Kim. So if anyone needs the contact or exact location can PM me.
  8. Anyone tried Reiki, any recommendations.
  9. Changi Business Park (Cbp)

    Here where should I go
  10. Changi Business Park (Cbp)

    How does this work. Here but not sure to walk or stay in car. See a few cars parked with people inside.
  11. Anyone familiar with Bandung, I foresee many more business trips to Bandung. Anyone tried those massage places mentioned in Utopia website?
  12. The Massage is done in the old wing but the fitness centre is in the executive building. It was hard to find as it was tuck in a corner. The Spa/Gym wise is 10x better then Millennium hotel though the Sauna was out of order. It also felt cleaner, the Jacuzzi was hot enough. BTW both is the the same price 150000 Rp. There were less people at Sultan but both were cruisey.