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  1. Today, I went for a massage. I make the appointment yesterday. He was very punctual waiting for me at the shop. The shop ambience is quite different from the last time I visited. More cozy and with nice soothing music playing in the background. Which was great. I have a good chat with him during the massage. He was also quite attentive asking me whether it is ok or the strength is ok. He also let me rest for a while after the massage. Nice gesture. The massage standard has improved with added tint of sensuality. Great massage.
  2. Today, went for a massage by Paul. This is the second time. The new shop is located at Chinatown. The shop is conveniently located. When I step into the shop, he welcomed me. Nice gesture. The shop is simple set up. Even though it is simple but very clean. That is what I like. The towel is clean. During the massage, there is background spa music playing. Very soothing. I almost fall asleep during the massage. I took the 2 hours massage. The strength is ok. Paul will occasionally check with me whether the strength is ok, air-con is ok.. Nice . He maintain the same standard of massage and a bit of sensual. Nice massage. He alone in the shop so no disturbance. After the massage, he offered me drink too. Will go back again..
  3. Went for massage by King Song this morning. He is very responsive when you sms to him. It was a last minute arrangement. Before starting the massage, he would ask you whether you prefer hard massage or not. Have a quick shower before starting. The massage was very good. He will check with you whether the strength is ok or the air-con is ok. Initially, we will very quiet. After a short while, we start chatting during the massage. He is a nice person to talk to and very friendly. A good looking guy too. During the massage, you can feel he is very skilful and well trained in this field. It can also be quite sensual at time. Feel very relaxed after the massage. I enjoyed the massage. A great experience.
  4. After reading so many good reviews about CK. I decided to give a try on Sunday. The ambience is nice with light jazz music playing in the background. Nice of him to offer me a drink before starting. CK is a very friendly and polite guy. Very attentive to your needs. The massage was great and done in a very professional way. Once a while, he will check whether the strength was ok. The massage oil has a nice and soothing smell. After the massage, he will help you shower and cleaned off the oil. A great massage experience...