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  1. PrEP doesn't protect you from all the other STIs out there....and even for HIV it's only 90-something % effective, so there's still a risk of getting HIV. In an ideal world where everyone gets tested regularly, HIV negative people all take PrEP, and HIV positive people take their meds religiously, both/all parties do their part to prevent the transmission of HIV and the risk will truly be negligible. Unfortunately , I think we've still got some ways to go before we can reach that. Until then please remember that although PrEP does drastically reduce the chances of getting HIV, the risk still remains albeit small. Do consider twice if you wish to undertake this risk that will affect the rest of your life. Even if you do get HIV meds you will still have to be on meds permanently. And your medical status may have effects on work, immigration, and other areas of your life. You may enjoy the bareback sex for say 30 mins or an hour, but the burden and other effects of HIV will haunt you for life.
  2. I'm based in Sydney, so if anyone passing through wanna grab drinks or food just give me a yell.
  3. bored at home. cam? https://appear.in/bwguys
  4. bored :/

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      LF Fun

      No more in appear.in?

    2. wolfz


      Sometimes, but people always don't show :/

    3. LF Fun

      LF Fun

      I see... cos I'm not there... hahaha...

  5. Its Fridayyyyyy! Thinks of stuff to do :D

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      Enjoy the weekend! :D

  6. Should I bother with reconciliation if my bf threatens to go out of his way to make my life miserable in the event of a breakup? What do you guys think....

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    2. wolfz


      I initiated the breakup. We have fought about the same thing countless times so I told him I'm tired and I think need we have given it enough tries, time to move on. But he got defensive and started threatening me with all sorts of personal stuff.

    3. wolfz


      I'm thinking more along the lines that I thought he was a nice person, and I always told him that even if a couple breaks up they can do it amicably. Didn't expect him to turn around and start threatening me with all sorts of personal info that he got in the course of our relationship. More disappointed then anything....

    4. LF Fun

      LF Fun

      Have you heard of the saying "dog that bark won't bite"? Don't have to worry so much cos if he intended to do the stuffs to you then he wouldn't have threaten you in the first place... He said those things cos he felt hurt at that moment and tries to hurt you back with his words... nothing good will come out from anyone's mouth if they are engaging in an argument... and normally you would have regretted for saying those hurtful words after anger dies off and reality kicks in... you are hurt cos your still have feelings for him... I suggest a cool down period of a few weeks before you decide what to do next... anyway it's just my 2 cents worth and might not be the truth... hope to hear good news from you soon... stay focus and strong... 

  7. Bored and horny....grrrr :/

  8. 35/172/66 Skype ID: wolfie_bites Love edging and group cams. Add me!
  9. In Sapporo from 2nd to 9th Feb if anyone wants to meet up and check out the local sights together.