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  1. Missed Connections For Gay Singapore

    To the 'two lunches' guy from Mt Faber Safra gym in the mornings, if you are here, let's catch up as I wish to get to know you more. PM me if you see this.
  2. Missed Connections For Gay Singapore

    To the be-specs guy en-route to BKK in the afternoon flight on National Day, You were with your mom and my friends, hence never got a chance to say hi to ya, We exchanged glances throughout from boarding to disembarkation. A very long shot and if you are here, PM me please.
  3. Thanks for sharing!!! enough said... truly beyond brillant!
  4. I agree with @merlinkun. Isn't it an ironic situation when all the movies and documentary and blah blah blah tells us how important to stay true to who you are. Yet when it comes to one being gay, common thoughts is that you can be "saved" or you need to be treated. A cure for one's preferred sexual orientation a a true testimony to that which the world tell us. I never chose this path that is lay out for me, believe you me i tried to be treated and the results turned out to be worst that what the end results offer. In a nutshell (according to myself at least): I am who I am and the acceptance who I am will set me free and allow me to concentrate and focus on things that can make this world a better place for all." Apologies ... just me venting. Cheers
  5. Skinny(Twinks) And Nerdy Guys

    me too wat a turn on nerdy skinny guys... *drool Come ove here... heh heh
  6. To Reply Or Not?

    holding on to the past only serves to hurt you more. Learning from the past and moving on stronger will only serve to bring you happiness and opens more doors and windows of opportunity. Believe me, I am sure many of us have been hurt bad by 'ex'. If replying makes you happy do it. If its does not bring you any joy why bother then and move on. There is no right or wrong just life's little opportunities to help us learn.
  7. Apologies for pointing out the obvious. I am afraid i cant update you further if there is any light segregation for or just frivilous fun. Haven't been there during Wednesdays. Cheers
  8. Excepts from the Shogun Website - "Nude Night + Glow in the Dark Stick (will be provided)" hope this helps
  9. Parkway Parade

    any one at about 2pm?
  10. Love your take on this. Indeed the coin has always 2 sides. Your take has indeed cleared my clouded vision. Accept my humble thanks.
  11. What do you do when you find out (unintentionally) that your bf is chatting up other guys and getting cruised and enjoying it. Yet when he meets up he is always full of sweetness and all that jazz... I know this topic has been discuss many a times... yet i would appreciate if you could point me the way.
  12. happy holidays all! :)

  13. Guys Born During 1970S

    Hahaha feeling strange... as i am new to this forum but the feeling 'seasoned' to know of all said... Damn i feel at home... @happy.99 - the old telephones were a classic and the best memory from it was mom hurling that at me for finding my pxxn stash at home.
  14. sunday morning with work by my side... :(