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  1. The Fucking Game

  2. You like G Strings?

  3. reno, servicing, some fixtures etc, it's known that they will charge higher for condo residents. it's unfair, but the market is like this.
  4. Hiv Test Kits?

    u may purchase online, eg. MedLab-Online.Com
  5. I have C-in2 XS, bought a few and realised it's too small. brand new in box.
  6. Lawrence Professional Outcall Massage

    kinda last minute, but was lucky to get a morning slot for the next day. there it goes my first experience with this masseur with lots of good reviews from fellow BWers. He arrives at my place on time, and started to get ready for the massage. Glad to see he was well prepared with portable music player, huge towel to cover my bed, and the massage oil bottle placed in another container, make sure there's no stain on my bed after the massage. The towel could cover about 85% of my king bed, and the oil was always placed out of the bed. Really appreciate this as some masseur will messed up my duvet with oils n powder. Once the hand lands on my body, I can tell that I'm going to have a good one. The landing and lift-off of the therapist's hand tells a lot about how detailed he is into this art. True enough, he got most of my spots spot-on, with good strength which I prefer. Being a massage enthusiast myself, and attended massage school to learn more about the art, I surely know that kinda touch only comes with years of experience, and to get all the spot-ons treatment is not easy to come by. Love his back rub, gluteus massage, and shoulder especially, with appropriate strength on each part. Sometimes his alternating hard and soft strokes can be quite arousing as well. After all, who doesn't like a serious good massage with some sensual elements in it? Ease up all your tense muscle and leads you to total relaxation to wrap it up. Well, if i would to say any room for improvement, maybe can have the massage oil more within reach, to reduce the interval leaving the body to reach for the oil. maybe can consider a belt with bottle holder? or some elevated rack to put the oil instead of reaching for it on the floor? And also, would u bring back your shower package for outcall? yet to try that one. Thanks for the massage, i do feel lighter after that. And some might think his rate is slightly at the steeper side, but factor in his travel cost and commit to deliver good massage, $150/90mins is still within the range for most people i guess.
  7. up for giving, accepting or exchange, weekdays noon only, can host in the east. PM me if interested. Not for fun seeker, i can do thai massage.
  8. up for giving, accepting or exchange, weekdays noon only, can host in the east. PM me if interested. Not for fun seeker, i can do thai massage.
  9. yea, tried once. found it slightly less painful than those i did previously.
  10. Look For Swimming Coach

    I would like to learn Butterfly style, any swim coach in the east?
  11. been to Spa Infinity, female therapist for massage. I was the only one at the wet facility that time, so wasn't sure what kinda scene u can expect on a busier day. I went on weekdays office hour anyway. but there's this captain who introduce me the packages, seems quite AJ. he came into the jacuzzi area for extended period of time to dig his ears, check his face etc while checking out the jacuzzi area via reflection of the mirror. if you still have extra free pass, may i? thanks.
  12. No, u can't. get a converter from DIY shop. take note of the power wattage of your device. get the converter with the appropriate power wattage rated on the box, e.g. 6W max, 100W max, 1500W max etc.
  13. LOL.. i believe whatever people tell me. In the end, if it's not true, so be it, the world keep going, it doesn't bother me, at least I've done my part to treat people with sincerity
  14. this is hot MMF sex!.... ur landlord up for another participant?