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  1. Missed Connections For Gay Singapore

    We both boarded the train from Clementi and alighted at lakeside. I went and got a drink and u followed behind to order as well. I proceed to the AXN to use and after i'm done, you already walked a bit away. Managed to catch up but didn't know how to approach you. Walked together till u stopped at the bus stop and i walked on ahead not knowing what to do. Walked back thinking i could ask for you number but i chickened out. Now I seem like a freaky stalker. PM me if you're here. You were in office wear while i was in casual white top.
  2. Regular safe 3some..?

    your inbox full
  3. Regular safe 3some..?

  4. Regular safe 3some..?

    up up up!
  5. Regular safe 3some..?

    Bump bump!
  6. Clementi Mall (Compiled)

    Your the tall fit dude, think u went to gym earlier. you smelled great btw. We made out and sucked each other earlier on in the toilet. I think i've seen you before. would like to get to know you better. but i was shy and you kinda rushed off too. PM me if your here.
  7. Meeting in Yunomori Onsen & Spa

    tonight 7pm anyone?
  8. MF later 6:30pm?
  9. Meeting in Yunomori Onsen & Spa

    pair up tonight or tomorrow 7pm..? anyone?
  10. Regular safe 3some..?

  11. Meeting in Yunomori Onsen & Spa

    anyone can tag with me tomorrow evening? 7pm perhaps... there's still 1-1 right?
  12. Regular safe 3some..?

  13. Meeting in Yunomori Onsen & Spa

    anyone to pair Tuesday/Wednesday evening? 7pm perhaps...
  14. Regular safe 3some..?

    We're a couple looking for a top for regular safe fun, if feelings and personality fits, perhaps a 3 way relationship. (Although not sure how things would work out) Preferably someone around our age and build as well. 27 chn 169 66 28 chn 173 63 PM if you're interested.
  15. MF tonight? 6pm?