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  1. Clementi Mall (Compiled)

    anyone here..? leaving in 10mins
  2. 2 Choose 1

    group jockstrap or briefs
  3. Jurong Point Official Thread

    anyone going later..?
  4. Clementi Mall (Compiled)

  5. Meeting in Yunomori Onsen & Spa

    any member can bring me in next week for 1-1 promo?
  6. bored and horny AF

  7. safra TPY 03/01/18 about 3+pm? to the guy whom we shared eye contact with a lot. you were naked in the jacuzzi and i joined, told me it wasn't working. you here?
  8. Jurong Point Official Thread

    yakun toilet now?
  9. Jurong Point Official Thread

  10. Jurong Point Official Thread

    Anyone here now?
  11. 10/8/2017 roughly 6pm Jurong Safra Energyone It was really cute and cheeky of you to be flexing in the mirror right beside me. Didn't manage to catch u when i leave, you probably drove. Would like to get to know you! PM me!
  12. Jurong Point Official Thread

    be there at about 6?
  13. Meeting in Yunomori Onsen & Spa

    tomorrow noon? 1+?