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  1. Will be in Bkk from 21-24 Jan Solo trip here stay in pratunam area 160 60 29 chinese.
  2. hello....is ur porter bag still available?


  3. Backpacks

    i have a porter backpack. brand new if u wan know more detail Pm me...
  4. if i not wrong your friend got his job from Recruitment Agency. I heard my friend say before if u get job from them not matter u resign or they terminated u, u need to pay a back a some of money.
  5. saf emart

    or u can buy online too.. still can deliver to ur hse
  6. saf emart

    yup @Xal is rite
  7. saf emart

    where u stay? there's e-mart outside camp too
  8. Edwin Jean made in Japan i gt 4 pairs. there's 1pair i wore for over 2year.
  9. what to do when u r hm alone now?

  10. will be traveling there 2-6 july, but 4-6 will be solo trip...
  11. Chinese ktv with grope fondle jerk and cum (safe)

    hi.... woodland too
  12. Woodlands Fun

    woodland tooo...