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  1. Managed to book him again before he is leaving. Really love the massage he provide. He is young and talented on wat he's doing. Grab he before he leave.
  2. Had a pleasant massage session with Huan and decided to share a review... Was greeted politely by him at the start of the massage, he was this friendly. Throughout the massage, he would ask me if the pressure was right. he was very attentive and careful with me. I would definitely go back to him for more massage sessions before he when back.
  3. Any one in bkk? Will be here till 24jan
  4. Will be in Bkk from 21-24 Jan Solo trip here stay in pratunam area 160 60 29 chinese.
  5. hello....is ur porter bag still available?


  6. Backpacks

    i have a porter backpack. brand new if u wan know more detail Pm me...
  7. if i not wrong your friend got his job from Recruitment Agency. I heard my friend say before if u get job from them not matter u resign or they terminated u, u need to pay a back a some of money.
  8. saf emart

    or u can buy online too.. still can deliver to ur hse
  9. saf emart

    yup @Xal is rite
  10. saf emart

    where u stay? there's e-mart outside camp too
  11. Edwin Jean made in Japan i gt 4 pairs. there's 1pair i wore for over 2year.
  12. what to do when u r hm alone now?

  13. will be traveling there 2-6 july, but 4-6 will be solo trip...