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  1. Opt for dry (no oil) msg loh. He’s good- you’ll feel the effects immediately
  2. My Experience from Masseur on BW Thread

    Leslie is good, in terms of ambience, skills ... Highly recommended!!
  3. P**l's massage skills is really very good, especially tuina or hard style. Highly recommended!
  4. Hi, I'm looking for someone to assist in some data entry work (into Excel). One-off basis. Probably a couple of hours. Payment negotiable, based on half-day / full-day basis. Location in East, next to MRT. Available ASAP is best. PM me if keen. Thanks! Update : Thanks for the PMs from those who wrote to express their interest. The position is filled already. Thanks!
  5. Barcelona / Andora / Lisbon / Porto

    Just google "Tripadvisor Lisbon attractions" and "Tripadvisor Barcelona attractions" and you'll see the user ranking of top attractions, as well as all kinds of useful tips. I use that site a lot when visiting new places. Highly recommend you download the app -- its well integrated and is even better tool than the website.
  6. I believe Singapore Airlines flies there. Tiger Air, Scoot too.
  7. You can plan your train travel in Japan using this website, with the exact price & timing & connection details: http://www.hyperdia.com/en/
  8. SenTouch Outcall Body Massage

    Tried his service recently. His msg is not bad, hard & relaxing strokes. He's pleasant, clean cut, manly. And very good looking too ...
  9. Capsule inn .. my biggest problem is snoring. If you can't tolerate having a few loud snorers in the same room, better to stay in a hotel. But its good to at least give capsule hotel try once, for the unique Japanese experience.
  10. Taken at Macritchie ?? http://sgboys-random25.tumblr.com/post/156928274761/pretty-smooth
  11. Aaron's Outcall Massage

    Tried Aaron's service previously and enjoyed it thoroughly. He's a pleasant fit guy in 20s and his service / demeanor was very courteous & professional. Massage is more towards relaxing style (not hard tuina), literally from head to toe and can be sensual too, if that's what you want. Ended up more than 1.5hrs for $50, great value.
  12. Been meeting up occasionally with a guy who's training for a body building competition next year. First time met, he's off season. But recently he started to train for the competition, including going on strict diet (poached chicken breast, lots of eggs, daily). Met him again recently & the effect on his body started to become apparent. He's started to gain weight & said he's another +15kg to go over the next few weeks/months, & this will then drop back down just in time for competition. Apparently that reduction is required for abs definition, something to do with muscles replacing fat in terms of the body composition. Has anyone heard of this gain then lose weight thing?
  13. Just google the number and you can get all the answers
  14. You can try Multicare Pharmacy (http://www.multicare2u.com.my). They're like the equivalent of Guardian/Watson, except that they specialise in medicine. They've many branches in KL/PJ and are rapidly expanding to other states. I encourage you to call up any of the store location and tell them the medicine you want and ask them about the price (after discount). You can even ask them to get the medicine ready for you a few days in advance and then cash & carry when you're there.