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  1. Can also try the other way round the technician comes over to your place and you're dressed in only undies or just topless
  2. Good morning!

    1. geizershow


      Hey there gorgeous! Have a great week ahead

    2. enthuboy_93


      @geizershow Ah same to you Enjoy your week Start the week right haha! 

  3. 2 Choose 1

    Bed undies or without?
  4. Good to freeball now that it is getting colder Would not perspire too much so not much need for undies hehs
  5. Are there usually people around when you do that?
  6. [Compiled] Pics of your cum

    Take more protein?
  7. Yup here and there, there are Just got to be the right time, right place But not the younger guys
  8. Addicted To Drinking Semen, Cum, Sperm...

    Wow interesting thread
  9. Just go ahead and do it lo At least ppl here aren't that anal about it that they would stare at you if you were topless But yea younger guys hardly do it la Prob cuz they have the internet to do whatever they want
  10. Most guys dun do it often Need more role models so guys out there will feel less shy in exposing more skin
  11. The story of Ethan and Xavier

    Jyjy All the best!
  12. Nice Loose and worn enough for the bulge to expand
  13. Missed Connections For Gay Singapore

    Noticed and wanna make a connection I mean
  14. Bondage Fun

    you know him?