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  1. Swimming nude in pools?

    Yea condo pool quite ok At night so dark, even if there was cctv also can't see much Bali... Indonesia??
  2. Anyone dated JC boys before?

    Yup, exactly what was in my mind the whole time while reading through this thread Rather be revising and studying than going out all the time
  3. Dares/Forfeits u play with Straight friends

    These sort of games/ forfeits are more common when we were in Sec sch I guess
  4. Good guys? Or are you looking for the notti ones? Hehe
  5. Yea this happens If just after eating smth spicy too Suck on a guy's dick and his dick will feel hot
  6. Nofap

    Then again, just read some stuff saying that jerking off too much isn't good as well Should have more intimacy and sex Otherwise will get desensitised to intimacy and it becomes less easy to achieve arousal from intimacy and touching as compared to watching porn/ fantasizing Not too sure how true but could do more reading up on that
  7. Nofap

    https://www.reddit.com/r/NoFap/ This might be an interesting read
  8. Nofap

    Yea, I heard too If dun jo frequently will have such problems
  9. Anyone Keen To Strip Naked And Exhibit Outdoor?

    Beware the mosquitoes!
  10. Isn't it pitch black there at that time???
  11. Nofap

    It is usually difficult to do it for the first few days Once you have pushed through those first few days, you'll soon find the urge to jo is less and even not be as horny Would be good if there are others doing it with you so you can encourage each other
  12. Manspreading

    Change seat, sit opposite him Or just stand up for a better view lo