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  1. Mahjong Khakis (Merged)

    anyone wan to play mahjong this sat afternoon? location at west side
  2. anyone for a chat?


  3. chat anyone?


  4. Study Buddies

    Hi Guys I am seeking study buddy during exam periods or weekends. I am studying part time at suss. please pm me if you guys keen. thanks and regards gra
  5. anyone want fun/

  6. Anyone keen for strip poker session? 

  7. Unisim line chat

    Hi guys I was thinking of creating a line group chat for unisim full time or part time student so that we can hang around and study for exam together. If you guys are keen please leave down your line Id so that I can add you guys. Thanks and regards Gralamin.
  8. Anyone want to play mahjong tonight ? 3/6 shooter pay

  9. Anyone keen for mahjong tomorrow night at 9pm at west area. 3/6 rate non shooter. short of one kaki

  10. Mahjong Khakis (Merged)

    Hello people Anyone want to play mahjong tomorrow Night at West side. If yes. Please PM me. Rate is 3/6. Short of one leg