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  1. Hougang/Sengkang

    Any one in NE area keen to meet? my stat is 180/90/43/chn.
  2. TMC today?

    Anyone going to TMC today?
  3. Looking for married men for fun. Anyone keen.
  4. Hougang/Sengkang

    I am at Rivervale Drive. Anyone interested to meet?
  5. Punggol Park

    Which part of punggol park?
  6. Hougang/Sengkang

    Any one around Sengkang and are free now?
  7. Hougang/Sengkang

  8. Hougang/Sengkang

    Looking for fun. Anyone?
  9. Chub And Chaser (Compiled)

    I am a chub top.
  10. Hougang/Sengkang

  11. Hougang/Sengkang

    I am looking for fun in Sengkang. My stat is 180/92/42/chn/top. Msg me if interested.
  12. Why not check in to a transit hotel and have fun there. Shall we organise an orgy at a hotel? Maybe at the transit hotel at Kovan.
  13. Host in Sengkang/Punggol/Hougang

    Just check in to a transit hotel and the issue of no place will be solved.