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    LTR & friends. Prefer Chubs/stocky guys/daddies. Preferably around my age or older.

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  1. 2 Choose 1

    Saving private ryan Alpha or Omega?
  2. It sucks to fall sick twice within the space of a month! :thumbdown:

    1. geizershow


      Get well soon love

    2. jigsaw11
    3. wilfgene


      Make sure you consult the same GP so there is a complete medical record, in case the condition takes a turn for the worse.

  3. 2 Choose 1

    Toe sucking Marvel cinematic universe Or DC extended universe?
  4. Chub And Chaser (Compiled)

    Bought new undies! What do you guys think?
  5. Looking For Mature Daddy Type (Compiled)

    New undies! Any daddy like it?
  6. Looking For Mature Daddy Type (Compiled)

    Any daddy wanna pounce on this body?
  7. Missed Connections For Gay Singapore

    Sunday 30th July Raffles place mrt 7+pm To the muscular white guy in navy blue tank top n shorts...when the train was arriving, I saw u approaching to when i was standing & u board the same cabin with me. I know that u saw me took a glance at you. I was about to stared at your body only for u to realise that u board the wrong train n exited in a hurry. I was the guy wearing the brown batik shirt...DM me if you're here
  8. Postmodern Jukebox Video

    I love their cover of the songs Rude and Royals!
  9. Having accomplished robust decisions numbing one's wanderlust.

  10. Chub And Chaser (Compiled)

    Your stats are more less similar with me hehe & I guess we're in the same boat haha
  11. 2 Choose 1

    It takes two to tango Breakfast in bed Or Brunch at cafe
  12. 2 weeks of zero exercise made my body feel so soft haha :lol:

    1. J0Boo


      Soft is good! Can be pillow :lol:

    2. jigsaw11


      My belly is already like a pillow haha

  13. Make A Sentence From 5 Letters

    Xenomorphs Rarely Undergo Any Love S T Y L E
  14. 2 Choose 1

    TGIF Always look forward to the weekends. Clean shaven Or Scruffy beard
  15. Make A Sentence From 5 Letters

    Let Annie Buy Onion Rings S W A L A