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  1. just another bad reputation for the gay population.....2 years jail and $5000 fine simply not worth it, can have so much fun in JB or Bangkok
  2. If the majority of the gay population are not into so called gay marriage, what kind of support are we talking about?
  3. Elemis sales - 4 day only from 18 April to 21 April + Free Delivery Usual Price: $246 Now: $99 Only British Botanical Face & Body Experience Set: Cleanser + Apricot Toner + Collagen Marine Cream + Shower Cream + Body Cream + Bag 1x Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser 150ml 1x Soothing Apricot Toner 200ml 1x Pro-Collagen Marine Cream 30ml 1x British Botanical Shower Cream 200ml 1x British Botanical Body Cream 200ml 1x Luxury Canvas Bag
  4. u took the urine test? did they make things difficult for u?
  5. It is easy for a straight guy in his 40s to find a girl in her 20s or 30s but for gay very difficult, one of the important criteria often listed are looking someone in his 20s, the reality is we will all grown up, where to find so many 20s??? Yes, looks are so important especially with gay, try to load a handsome photo and you can easily get more than 5 messages in 3 days but no photo, sorry 3 months also don't have 1 message. Then come build, muscular, gym fit, lean and toned fit, whatever you name them, the size is an important factor for many to consider. Complicate these with nationality, race, language and religion etc.... If all these are not enough, personality, roles, lack of recognition and the fear of commitment and responsibility will just kill off any potential relationship.
  6. Selling Irvins Potato Chips & Fish Skin

    Last day to order, delivery start from 19 to 25 April.
  7. What are your three wishes for Singapore?

    1. Single can buy new flat with more than 2 rooms. 2. Enbloc all flats above 40 years. 3. FT to work hard while everyone enjoy good rental and retire in their dream country.
  8. Lost my tummy ..surprises many people

    Thats right, moderation is the key....diet and exercise comes in a pair...now can eat better eat, next time got no teeth or lost taste bud, want to eat also cannot.
  9. It just show there is a lack of good theme, script and originality....at least they should twist the ending where the bad guys win for once.....as long as these firm makers can make profits from this kind of show, they will continue to produce them and the audience without a abetter choice will have to watch them....from the queue, it looks like the majority are teenager and kids, their parent are busy making money and they are busy spending money, so ya that's what our economy needs