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  1. Me no likey rats or mouse.... Even the sound of it squeaking, I can go round the block to avoid crossing path with Mr Ratty or Miss Mousey. Luckily, in Singapore you don't get them running around the neighbourhood like it was before (I hope I'm right about this).
  2. Chain Reaction

    Finally exploded
  3. 2 Choose 1

    Rim Glory hole or Understall
  4. Chain Reaction

    Soul searching
  5. Missionary and Doggy. Love to look at my bottom's reaction, his moaning and of course kissing him when I'm thrusting in a slow motion, especially after letting my dick head tease his opening and thrusting it deep and slow, and of course repeat. Not wanting his legs to get numb, I'll move it on my shoulders, around my back and at times swap it in spread eagle. Doggy wise, love to see my dick in action and I can also assist by grabbing his tool in my lubed hands. But most of the time, my bottom ask me to stop coz they're close to exploding. Sitting on me, not really my thing coz some guys they just sit and kinda crushing my balls and it hurts!
  6. 2 Choose 1

    Melon seeds PornMd Or Xtube
  7. Chain Reaction

    Cancelled date
  8. It is difficult cracking your brain, thinking of what to get for different occasions. Especially if certain item that you buy, they don't use it or you can see that they don't like it, but have to say "Thank You" anyways. I've stopped getting pressies, instead, I go get gift vouchers from whatever shop that you can think of and give it. This way they get what they really want from that store... Most shops have this kinda service and it's much easier. Whatever value you want, go get it. No more headache, no more wrapping and birthday card coz you can scribble something at the back of the card as gift card always comes with a nice envelope or something like that.
  9. Favourite Underwear Brand?

    Uniqlo Boxer Briefs
  10. What should I do?

    Just my 2 cents to chip in: Just be careful with your heart. You know from the start what you're getting yourself into and the more you try to avoid it, the more you yearn for him. Go mingle with others in the community. Keep yourself occupied with whatever that interests you, apart from him that is. If you guys want it to be an 'FB' kinda way, it's entirely up to you... It will hurt if he says, 'That's it and goodbye' but make sure you're not gonna go all cray cray and think 'Life is not worth living'. Just be prepared like what member 'fourth' suggested and said ok love..
  11. Chain Reaction

    hair extension
  12. 2 Choose 1

    Iced Lemon Tea Japan or Korea
  13. 2 Choose 1

    Sleep Naked Bentayga or Levante?