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  1. Bi / Married man chat

    Hi chn married 55 165 85, seek married guy for chat
  2. Discreet - Bi - Married Men Coffee Club

    55 chn married. Like to join the group. Chat only
  3. Phone Sex (Compiled)

    Wanted here
  4. Dizi theory question

    In fact there are a number of dizi musicians and other chn equipment musicians after a lot of chn experts have stay in SG. 詹永明who is the proff of dizi hv trained a number of student here.
  5. Dizi theory question

    Im just ave in chn flute. What I hv written is just basic.
  6. Dizi theory question

    In those chinese music if it is D调mean D note is Do. For D Key flute, Do is by covered the 4th to 6th hole to play a D 调 music. If playing a E 调 music by a E key flute, the E note is Do and need to covered the 4th to 6th holed
  7. Dizi theory question

    Since u hv a F key flute, means F note is as Do. Actually u r referring C major where C note is refer as Do. In 五线谱, any key can be Do. For any dizi, if it is a D key flute it mean D can be used as Do and the 4th to 6th holes has to cover. If it is a E flute, it mean E is used as Do when the 4th to 6th holes r covered. For ur F flute, besides F can be used as Do, A note can be used as Do by covering 4th and 5th holes. If u hv line. Give me ur id, I can explain to u more details