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  1. Will be off on another long trip. Enjoy!
  2. Any pretty CD, post ? Missed my sexy post ops she make long ago.
  3. Used Underwear

    Selling worn undie here. Will take off infront of u if u wan. Discreet offer. Thanks
  4. Haha. Yeap. I got a very thick cum. I think I post before my birdie and cum. Clear my storage ytd. Shd leave it for this. Haha anw Thanks for loving it.
  5. Present for all but hope not unpleasant. Please ignore the pimples!! Haha. Will b on a long break see u all soon.

    1. Loverrboy


      Looking good and tasty...

    2. Kyle_Akuma


      dang... nice cock you have there... XD

  7. Glad u all like the new gif I put. For those who have request on gif. I will accept a few only. Just drop me your request for your fantasy to be fulfilled.
  8. Happy belated new year, it's a gif, need to click to see movement .
  9. One while I am masturbating and one ask to put my arm beside. Cheers!