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  1. Shogun Spa @ Chinatown

    i like it how you're so comfortable in your own skin and being yourself =) cheers!
  2. society wasn't ready for slavery to be abolished. it went against what was in the Bible, remember? and back in those days when interracial marriage is a big no no? personally i think whether a gay couple has kids or not, it will be in their life's blue print. in my midnight shifts for the past 20 years, if it's not in their blue print to have a kid, no matter what, they won't be able to have something that is of their own flesh and blood. so i'm not too worried about that.
  3. dumbest comment in a while. "i don't believe in being a vegetarian so i don't think there is a need to support vegetarianism." as much as i'd like to tell you to fuck off and be gone, but it is your right to be a troll and linger on. likewise, it's the same for people who wish to exercise their right to be legally married. the topic was pretty much dead for 2 years and you HAD to dig it out. shit stirrer aren't you? if you have issues with your life and you can't solve it, don't plague it onto others who are trying to live a life they so desire especially when it comes to achieving equal rights and seeking justice for the oppressed. and, fuck off please.
  4. @-Ignored- didn't follow too much this season. i was lucky enough to have had supper with many of the stars today some 15 years back. i was an aspiring lyricist and vocalist back then. Jacky Wu is a real nice da ge, and he always cover everyone from table to table. SHE were shy then, and still oh so young. then there's Angela. really didn't leave too good of an impression. didn't have a chance to meet ah mei then. had a few conversations with Ah Sang, and was very sad when she passed on. hated David Tao. Lee Hom and his mum were known to be difficult.
  5. @-Ignored- i can't stand angela. her comments on fan fan and hei ren is totally uncalled for. yes she's being direct, being herself, that's good for me cuz it revealed how ugly she is inside. and truthfully, i think she isn't as talented as the other singers, nor as nice. she's hardworking for sure. https://news.tvbs.com.tw/fun/877272 on a side note, Jessie's performance was... heart felt and it was very good. i totally felt it. you can see that the tourney changed her for the better. and i think she played it really safe, cuz when i look back at this from Whitney https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ardglr9MVVQ , it's... i dunno. that's what legends are truly made of.
  6. the reality is that a large portion of men who are grinding, hooking up, visiting saunas are themselves in monogamous relationships. this is the true norm. this can't be more true.
  7. winning the argument? winning isn't the point. it is your blatant disregard for other forms of relationships that have been proven to work other than monogamy. in your earlier post, that isn't your point. what you were driving across is, if you cheat, then you bear the risk. and you did not take into considerations of other forms of relationships. you may have overlooked other kinds of relationships at that point. it is possible, right? if that's the case then no issues. my stand is firm: anyone who chooses to take prep is using it as either an added form of protection, or a first layer of protection. so if protection is in place, what's so bad about that?
  8. whatever hole you crawl out of, please crawl back in.
  9. uh. open relationships? three way relationships? a quad? who are you to deny relationships of this nature? so if someone from an open relationship takes prep, that's not responsible? utter rubbish! get off your moral high horse. there are way more people having casual fun outside of their so called "monogamous" relationships than you know it. monogamy is NOT the only way mind you. sheesh.
  10. I do 7 days before and 7 days after. Then on demand, then 5 days after. Agree. Slut shaming is outdated. Can't stand those ppl. So chaste? Then don't secretly post behind anonymity.