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  1. Ready meh?like still in wrapper
  2. Question for bottoms

    No good u know. Sinful.hehe
  3. Foreskin Fetish

    Huahahahaha. Like undone clay pot.lol
  4. Born with irregular node on glans

    Halooo..your auntie purse got spore currency ,convert to Malaysia currency is 3x more. Ts is a malaysian. whatever he has thats it. Not gonna multiply. So expensive for him mah.
  5. Walao .wonder how was the condition under the skin? Hehe
  6. Open Showers @ Bedok Reservoir, Bring Soap & Shampoo...

    Whao.all pm u.greedy sia
  7. Aawww....got a goosebump. My entire body hair stand
  8. Sengkang Riverside Park

    U make something there.lol
  9. Seriously as a top i penetrated many guys n they enjoyed it. Except one skinny guy age of 20. Too young n not experienced i guess coz he pushed me n fell on bed the moment i tried to enter. Ended with bj only. So need to alot of foreplay ,fingering n many attempt b4 going all the way in. Keep trying n keep on trying.lol
  10. Love is a love. U can have anyone to yr liking in yr life. Vegen or not, halal or not is not an issue.spore so call is a food paradise plc. If love n effort is there, u could maintain yr r/s forever.
  11. Punggol Park

    Sure anot jogging only ?