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  1. Upcoming Movie - Devil's Due

    The Conjuring indeed has many good reviews!
  2. Where do you stay at toa payoh? You stay toa payoh or? Hi kaylor, you stay at toa payoh?
  3. Then you should go tonight!
  4. Wow, U r a cobra? I will love to see it.. lol.. Well, pump it hard to keep it standing upright while being checked! :X
  5. Tempted? Just go for it and check the cobras out!
  6. 2 Choose 1

    Hawker food Bird Nest or Abalone
  7. 2 Choose 1

    Taka Swimming or cycling
  8. 2 Choose 1

    Stopover HP or Acer
  9. 2 Choose 1

    Note 3 Parmasen Cheese or Cheddar Cheese
  10. That I totally agree! HK is ALWAYS peak period! Hotels rates are forever on the high side.. Gosh, indeed everyone travelling to HK will hear their wallets screaming! LOL..
  11. Indeed is a very good initiative by AFA to set up mobile testing service at various locations to encourage people to come forward and go for HIV testing and also aids in HIV prevention measures as well! Thumbs up AFA!
  12. Hi Jake, seriously? That is so scarry.. I wonder did anyone recognises that he was from eslewhere too?
  13. 2 Choose 1

    Starbucks Latte or Frappe
  14. Oh my.. then how you had it healed? I didn't know that foam was such a pain..