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  1. Crusing, Meet Ups In Penang

    I wish i can join too.
  2. Share Your Butt Photo

    Wish to stick my tongue in
  3. Crusing, Meet Ups In Penang

    Anyone at straits quay now?
  4. Nice cock. Would love to suck it.
  5. Wow. Would love to untie you using only my lips
  6. Share Your Butt Photo

    Maybe one day will get to see yours?
  7. Share Your Butt Photo

    Hehe. Thanks man . You’re too kind
  8. Cam4

    I think that being recognized by someone in the street is less scarier than having a video or pictures of you circulating on social media (Tumblr especially)!
  9. Share Your Butt Photo

    Oh. Haha. But it is me. Must be how the photo was taken (plus, it’s a bit blur)
  10. Share Your Butt Photo

    I don’t understand your last sentence