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  1. Fitness First Fun After Gym

    Anyone to fuck in ff now msg me
  2. Fitness First Fun After Gym

    Haha I don’t need to hint. Just need to show my body n guys will come with their mouth open
  3. Fitness First Fun After Gym

    100 am later abt 7. Muscle man here needs to feed some mouth my cock n cum
  4. Sengkang Riverside Park

    Wasted. U could have given me a signal. We could have had mutual muscle fun
  5. Sengkang Riverside Park

    Haha that’s me. Which is u. Don’t tell me u r the hot red singlet boy
  6. Katong Swimming Pool

    Still cruisy? I like to fuck there
  7. Clementi Mall (Compiled)

    No one leh
  8. Clementi Mall (Compiled)

    Thinking of gg Clem pool to fuck
  9. Wru living. Come to sk la

  10. Fitness First Fun After Gym

    100 am now
  11. Fitness First Fun After Gym

    Any muscle btm to fuck ard 5 pm in j10
  12. Open Hot Showers @ Punggol Bodywash Supplied, bring Towel

    I may be gg, if there are enough ppl to worship my big cock
  13. Fitness First Fun After Gym

    J10 fun abt 4? Muscle top here for muscle btm