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  1. U don’t owe anyone an explanation. It’s your life. U may do whatever u want.
  2. Skin Machine baffles me <scratch head>
  3. Only if u engaged in unprotected sex with him, otherwise u r fine
  4. It has to be the 2 EROS swimwear dessert camo swim trunks, http://www.male-hq.com/2eros-swimwear-desert-camo-swim-trunk/. Perfect print that's always on trend with standout contrast colours. The wearer will not go unnoticed.
  5. It has to be the Rocks-Off 10-Speed Bad-Boy Intense massager. With its angled head, I am able to achieve intense pleasure both at the prostate and perineum. To be put it simply, can climax one.
  6. I luv the http://addicted-to-es.com/addicted-underwear-patches-mini-brief-navy/ because of its grapical colour blocking design.
  7. Dreamboys Theraphy Service

  8. I love undies. So asking me to choose which style is simply difficult. However I like the Groovin Athletic V-cut mesh briefs simply because of the combination of different fabrics which makes the undies look sexier. http://www.male-hq.com/groovin-underwear-athletic-v-cut-mesh-brief-black/
  9. @Male-HQ dropped u a PM already. Thx for the X'mas present.
  10. It has to be the Andrew Christian Underwear Trophy Boy Brief in Heather. Simple but sexy. And I love the Colour combination - heather with a touch of neon