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  1. Revenge of an immature gay guy

    Even I prefer older guys but there are really some older guys behave very immature I encountered someone in BW older man asked me for pic and agreed to send his in return but later gave thousands and one reasons...
  2. Chinatown Massage Recommendation

    Anyone to share Vincent contact??
  3. Jurong Point Official Thread

    But no old men at jurong point?? Keen to meet old men around 55 plus and abv...
  4. Just wonder any old married chinese man offer such services?? I am keen to buy hia services....
  5. Chinatown Massage Recommendation

    So mind to share his contact?? Vincent from hong lim complex??
  6. Uncles in Cck toilets

    Got uncles meh??? Just thinking...
  7. Bigbox

    Sound cool Anyone keen to meet tommorow morning say 6.15am??
  8. Do Singapore have gay prostitutes?

    But not sure go older one ?? Say above 55 yrs old??
  9. Jem / Jcube / Westgate

    Early morning at jem or west gate??
  10. Charles & Joe's 4-Hands Massage At Punggol

    So should be more private to enjoy the massage