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  1. Tbh, it's either you live with it or you leave. People can't change their behaviour dramatically. That's what I learnt to accept.
  2. Poor oral hygiene!

    sounds terrible oh my
  3. Long Term Relationship (Compiled)

    West. 24 Chinese 177cm/69kg. Looking to have a chat with people who are serious about finding someone. Looking for someone under 35. Shorter than my height. Bottom or Flex. If we click, why not get closer? :-) Line ID: Ovenbaker
  4. i been struggling with acne since 13. Now 24. Sometimes it's an overproduction of Sebum coupled with pinching of that oil pipe that prevents our sebum from moving outwards. You can read about more in Wai Diet. For scarring, best way to prevention. No point doing scar management if acne is there. Diet is key. Can't overstate it. For me when I eat cooked proteins or high amount of proteins, I will get acne. Now I have it under control with small pimples. Compared to the cystic ones I had, it's a day and night difference. After you had your acne controlled. 1. Use Dermaroller OR 2. Dermastamp Google for more information. Scars basically are formed by scar tissues tethering to past wounds causing a rough surface. By inserting needles and destroying those tethers, a smoother surface is possible. I did it for 3 sessions now. My skin looks noticeably improved. If you have any questions feel free to PM me.
  5. New here. Please advise ^^

  6. 199X

    Hi guys. I am new to this forum and this scene (since Dec 2013). 1990/23/M/ChineseLocal Juz wondering will you guys be having any events soon? I look forward to join ya guys!