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  1. NTU AJ Community

    Haha ok only 7 years for me. But haven't had the time to visit the new campus
  2. Airbnb in Malaysia

    In jb yep
  3. Who's in the habit of not wearing underwear ?

    Sports wear and jeans
  4. Group Fun

    What time and where?
  5. Morning run at Marina area

    Hmm. Do you know anywhere closer to Cbd side?
  6. Morning run at Marina area

    Don't have leh haha. New building in rafflesplace. Do you know any building around the area with shower point?
  7. Morning run at Marina area

    Hmm. Do you know if there is any shower area around there?
  8. Hi Property Agent here. Perhaps can get connected and brainstorm on your issue?
  9. Contractors

    Basically any kind as long as you are involved in home reno business trying to see if could collaborate
  10. Hi any contractors around here please?
  11. Strip Mahjong !

    When is it?
  12. Outdoor exercise/fun

    I think tiong bahru park is good
  13. where u now?


  14. Free massage

    When and where?