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  1. Fuck Practice Buddy?

    O ok then.. I'm sorry.. Please accept my apologies..
  2. Fuck Practice Buddy?

    With your replying like that, I won't be surprised if u remain a virgin bottom for the rest of your life..
  3. Interesting read.. Not that it matters to gays.. Haha..
  4. Come let's start this from scratch, all over again, shall we? Let's hear and watch the stories, videos, and whatever there is to share about this topic..
  5. Strong Indian cock here seek btm

    Go fuck each other silly then..
  6. Keybox

    There's already a thread on Keybox.. U're more likely to get a match or two over there.. U're welcome..
  7. Strip poker fun

    Strip poker party with happy ending?
  8. Lift your tee up so we can see you in your full glory.. Haha..
  9. Bi / Married man chat

    No one seems to be chatting...
  10. Bi / Married man chat

    For a start?
  11. Bi / Married man chat

  12. Fitness First Fun After Gym

    U think too much..
  13. Fitness First Fun After Gym

    U think too much..
  14. Fitness First Fun After Gym

    Follow your heart.. Haha..