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    I'm more btm, so tops would be good.. Someone who takes the lead would be better.. And one I can connect with, is the best! Hit me up..  I won't bite.. Usually I don't.. Unless you want me to..
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  1. Saigon or Ho Chin Minh

    So how did it went at HCM when u were there?
  2. Whatever their role, I'm sure u have just disappointed those older seeking younger guys with the title of your thread, and then going on to say u're recently happily attached to someone.. Haha..
  3. Been a while since any write up of encounters with foreign workers...
  4. Hotel Alone

    In chalet Downtown East alone now. Anyone wants to accompany me? Checking out at 12.. Quick quick!
  5. Hot Uncle [NSFW]

    Do elaborate on what happened during that night, please..
  6. Gangbang me - November (visiting)

    Nice invitation, and an open one at that too.. More details, please?.
  7. Broke virginity

    Congrats, bitch! Hahaha..
  8. Let's be kind and help each other. What's his block and address?
  9. Missed Connections For Gay Singapore

    Aaawww.. So sweet.. I hope u find him here..
  10. Sounds like you're reviewing a steak.. Haha..