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  1. Dumbells over 100lbs

    Safra has weights up till 56kg, truefitness only has weights up till 31kg? really? a commercial gym with such a low end heavy weights
  2. tired of my life

    Instead of complaining and feeling lots of self pity, take some time to identify the things you feel inadequate in your life and work on it Life is meant to have challenges, instead of crying over it, do something
  3. Tattoos on the arm are pretty awesome looking

    1. heliumduck


      are you getting one?

    2. Silverwing


      Cant agree more.. ;) but maybe not those too loud ones

    3. wilfgene


      So were bounded feet.

  4. Sometimes its not about letting it go, because some things are simply ethically unacceptable 

    1. Momopolare


      Let it go~ let it go~

  5. The exodus has started.

  6. Daily expenses at $80? you seriously need to learn how to save money, who spends $15 per meal and $30 to travel daily? You also double counted transport on your daily and monthly expenses. Either you really suck at managing money, or you live luxurious, which obviously your parents will ask you for more money considering your lifestyle. So easily stressed, i wonder how you even live your life day in day out Then again, this sounds like a troll post from anonymous guests again
  7. I rather sincerely be an asshole, than to be an insincere nice person

    1. Magicerife


      aiseh takes so much effort to be an asshole ah. still need to be sincere about it, you innately nice is it lol

  8. http://trib.al/Z0PFGSE  My child deleted my 40hr Persona 5 save file..

    1. Estarif


      40 hrs only, nothing much

  9. Expectations leads to disappointment, expectations are always a perfect imagination of what you expect and want. But really, what we should also like someone is not just how perfect they are, if we dont learn how to love someone's imperfections, a relationship will never last. There is no absolute in life, you will never find a perfect guy within your expectations That said, you shouldn't just casually hook up with any guy you see in the street, there should still be a basic citeria that you are looking for, instead or calling it "expectations "
  10. Totally well said, fully agreed. There are so much more things in life to enjoy instead of actively wasting time to chase for a relationship to define yourself. Spend these time thinking of getting in a relationship to improve yourself, once you improve yourself as a person, you will definitely become more attractive as a person. 22 is still young, spend more time being a better version of yourself, desperate people are a huge turn off
  11. Honestly dimash is just good at screaming, his pronunciation isnt that good either, definitely not a fan of him, although his 1st 2 songs were not bad, but hes been pretty boring after that
  12. Herbalife

    There is no miracle drink, good diet and exercise is the magic here