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  1. Hi I am thinking organising a bbq chalet for us girls & admirers. Whoever is interested, drop me a msg. No crazy, insane people and please be genuine and respectful
  2. Changi Business Park (Cbp)

  3. Changi Business Park (Cbp)

    Just curious, where do u guys have fun? In the car, hotel or where in the park?
  4. Seem like a nice place to cruise around, but never heard anything happening there
  5. Changi Business Park (Cbp)

    If there are guys interested in girls like me, maybe I go
  6. Tampines Eco Park

    here https://www.nparks.gov.sg/~/media/nparks-real-content/gardens-parks-and-nature/diy-walk/diy-walk-pdf-files/tampines_eco_green_guide.pdf?la=en
  7. Tampines Eco Park

    A 12-years-old boy was assaulted by a 63-year-old man. The suspect Chua Hock Leong is a married man and he is accused of performing oral *** on the 12-year-old boy in Tampines Park toilet in January 2016 https://www.singaporeuncensored.com/63-y-o-assaulted-12-y-o-boy-at-tampines-park-public-toilet/