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  1. Nus / Ntu (Compiled)

  2. Zumba class

    Sounds interesting. Always wanted to try out but seems like it's a female dominant kind of activity.
  3. Nanyang Technological University (Compiled)

    I'm a super slow runner though haha, doubt I could keep up.
  4. Stayed overnight at a white daddy's hotel room for some fun. Fucked twice yesterday night (before and after dinner) and this morning. Damn my ass is sore. Not a long dick but it was soo thick. 

    1. Ezra81


      Amboi. Jubo da melecet ... so lucky.  White dick for u. ..

  5. Nanyang Technological University (Compiled)

    Haven't ran at ntu before. What's a good route to take for maybe a 5km jog?
  6. Nus / Ntu (Compiled)

    Another semester to persevere through
  7. Have u ever penetrate a boy but cant go in?

    I was first fucked by a white daddy with a huge dick. At first it was really agonizing, and that's on top of the fact that I've played with a big dildo before so it shouldn't be problem but it did. What I did after the first unsuccessful attempt was to go to the toilet, clean the area again and try again a second time and it went in pretty much completely. I guess what I was trying to imply was that attempting anal is partly a mental process where the bottom has to relax both his anus as well as his thought. If he's too tense no matter if you have a big or small dick it will never work out. If all else fails, try smaller objects first such as your fingers and slowly work your way up. Lube works wonders too, use plenty of it. Oh! And like what the guy above said, only penetrate with an erect dick. If you're flaccid or it's a semi it will never be able to penetrate!
  8. Weight Loss & Body Building - Encouragement

    I want to eat healthily though but I'm bound by the constraints that I can't cook so I eat whatever my mum cooks and usually not healthy tbh. Any tips or recommendations for this? Help is greatly appreciated
  9. Nus / Ntu (Compiled)

  10. Woodland Civic Centre

  11. Going / Meeting @ Cruise Club? (Compiled)

    Just wondering, since I've never been there before, what are the light sticks on Sunday for? If they're still using it that is.
  12. Meeting in Yunomori Onsen & Spa

    Are there themes for each day there? Noticed someone mentioning themes beforehand
  13. Nanyang Technological University (Compiled)

    Currently living at home but planning to stay in hall in sem 2. It is still possible to get a double vacancy room then?