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  1. Hotel Orgy / Group Sex Action (Compiled)

    20 chn nsf skinny btm here. keen in smaller groups first.
  2. Fuck Practice Buddy?

    20yo chn nsf btm here but wanna train being a top. seek similar age!
  3. 20yo chn nsf needs a massage on this coming weekend. can't host, can travel if convenient!
  4. when i go to uni and stay solo hall... i guess that's when all the fun begins :)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. SweggyCow


      planning to go ntu

    3. Netilyl


      Oh cool apply for single room then 

    4. SweggyCow


      haha yeah, then can jio all the guys 

  5. haha cannot la i shy and somemore got female commanders around
  6. i wish i could, but pt shorts are so short, when doing stretches others can see
  7. seeking massage near the east. 20 chn nsf. can't host.
  8. is this true?

    I'm a bottom but I'm exploring being a top. However I'm encountering some issues such as not being able to stay hard and cum easily while fucking. Will a cock ring help? And is it true that the more guys I fuck, the less sensitive I'd get and I could last longer while fucking?
  9. seek massage tomorrow monday in the morning/afternoon. 20 chn nsf here. no place
  10. Nus / Ntu (Compiled)

    NUS open house next Sat?
  11. East ~ Bedok, Simei, Tanah Merah, Tampines, Pasir Ris

    any top <25 can host ? 20 chn nsf btm here
  12. Swimming Pools / Complexes (Compiled)

    is the hub's swimming pool toilets nice to have fun at?
  13. Hotel Orgy / Group Sex Action (Compiled)

    any session in March? preferably Fri/Weekends, <35