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    Time: around 12 pm, lunch hour Place: a coffeeshop at the corner of Yishun ave 7 and ave 6. I was having lunch with my colleagues and while we were having half way you and your colleagues found a table near us and sat down. You saw me looking at you and glance back. You seemed a little shy though I did see you stole a few glance back to me. I was the guy in light purple shirt n black pants. I only recall you were wearing a fitting t shirt n a pair of jeans. Hit me up if you are here
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    Date: 9th March Time: Around 12pm Place: Indian coffeeshop near Sembawang Shopping Center I was with my colleague when we walked into the aircon area of the coffeeshop, you were already inside there having your lunch with another guy. You were wearing a green SAF singlet and I was in office wear. You noticed me and we exchange glance quite a few times. Hope can b fren. HMU if you are here and read this.
  15. Missed Connections For Gay Singapore

    Date: 4th March 2018 Time: just before 10am Place: Macritchie Reservoir outside shower rest room Saw you resting with your friends outside the shower area, seems to be after dragon boat training as you seem wet all over. You are wearing only your short. I was wearing black jersey, grey berm and a long tights bottom(black). You captured my eyes and I think you notice me watching so we exchange a few glances. Then I saw you showering at the open shower naked, but you didnt see me then. Hope you are here and contact me.