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  1. Can't believe it's been a month! Loved and being in love hehe

  2. So many gays here prefer chn guys when it comes to relationships. Yet, I still see many posts in the LTR thread.


    Here's a thought. Why not you guys date each other? Oh, cannot is it? Thanks to your bs "preferences" and unwillingness to be open to non-chn guys, you'll be #foreversingle.


    Just a thought. Be open minded.

  3. Caught 2 catfishes tonight. Wow, some guys are really too free

  4. I know someone you may like.. PM me for coffee and i tell you more.. I have a bf myself.. read my profile.. serious to intro a nice guy to you.. pierre lee

  5. Why are there still guys playing the "after you" face pic exchange shit? Isn't that so yesterday? Grow some balls and show ur face!

    1. TheAverage


      Depends, my policy is that if you started the convo, you show your pic first. If I start, I'll show first.

    2. gstringuy26


      Yup agreed! You must show yours before asking as you are initiating! So I guess don't border la, it'll get you mad! haha

  6. Woodlands Swimming Complex?

    Just ended
  7. Woodlands Swimming Complex?

    Anyone going?
  8. Take the high road. Block him off your life and lead your life better without him. No need for childish revenge.
  9. Line Jo