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  1. Hi all, any recommendation for a decent massage place for couples? Like with a double room and all?
  2. My question here really is, are they simply using such a sensationalised topic to garner views? What's the call to action here?
  3. Cinema Encounter

    You do know that cinemas are equipped with infrared cameras to see people illegally filming / doing naughty stuff in the dark
  4. @sphere thanks for that! Missed out on that
  5. I agree, it was a feature in the previous version, and while it is not a major issue, it's certainly a little bit of a hassle now that it's gone
  6. Error 304 Forbidden

    I do believe I'm having the same problem, both sessions accessed from a StarHub home network. No issues with other networks such as mobile or Singtel.
  7. Which Jc/ip School Are/were You From :d

    Has a missing school :X
  8. Nus / Ntu / Smu

    Gonna be a long shot, but anyone from the 4th local uni here? (:
  9. Sutd!

    Anyone matriculating here next year? Would be good to know some friends first xD
  10. Nsfs Gather:)

    Why does it seem like there's never anyone in pasir laba T_T
  11. Nsfs Gather:)

    ME! unit or medical centre?
  12. Nsfs Gather:)

    Anyone from pasir laba camp here? (:
  13. Nsfs Gather:)

    Me! Hahhaa you from which unit?
  14. yes. i agree we need a like function for status messages.

  15. Hmmm we need a like function for these statuses =D