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  1. Tumblr Porn (Compiled) [NSFW]

  2. https://hornyyyboiii.tumblr.com/post/171202419573/pervsg-overture69-sgsecgayboy-gay-cruising For those into toilet cruising. not sure how updated this is tho. Gay Cruising and GloryHole in Singapore Looking for places for gloryholes or understalls in Singapore? Don’t worry this masterlist is where you can find a place to have some fun in Singapore. Editor’s Choice: Top Pick 1)Junction 8, toilet beside McDonalds and MossBurger, Level 1 This toilet in the heartlands of Singapore is no doubt the place where gays from all walks of life gather. We have students in uniform jerking, NS men looking for under stall and even old uncles out to have some fun. No glory holes or peepholes but no doubt the best place to have fun. With air con and large spaces under cubicles divider, look forward to some great understall fuck. Editor’s experience: Good place for fun especially for underage gays(not saying that you should but prepare yourself thoroughly) Experienced 10++ times of understall @ J8 PS. If you are into bears, there is an Indian uncle in his 40s who stays the every weekend for hours looking for sex. 2)Ang Mo Kio MRT No gloryhoes by there’s peepholes. Tons of phone number scribble over the wall. If you’re looking for meetups, you got a whole logbook to yourself. HAHA. Editor’s experience: very hot and stuffy but not much people so more privacy. 2 times under stalls and urinal cruising 3)Khatib MRT This tiny little MRT stations in Singapore sure has a large population of gays. Look forward to urinal cruising from students NS men and even uncles. Under stall might be rare but urinal cruising normally turns into some fun in the stalls. Editor’s experience: Go at around late afternoon. Expats and students would well be horny enough to have a release. Stay at the urinal at ard 5 mins to pick up someone. Remember to shake your dick to look somewhat as if you’re jerking….. HHAHA Others: Century Square @ Tampines About 5 Mins Walk from Tampines MRT Station, Singapore. Toilets with peeping and but no glory holes. Woodlands MRT, Singapore, Mixed local crowd and hung foreign workers. Little India Arcade, Serangoon Road You have to pay to enter the toilet and the attendents know whats going on. Be discreet. Hung local and foreign indian guys. Yio Chu Kang, Yio Chu Kang MRT Watch out! Cleaning at 10 am. Mostly guys in their early thirties. Tekka Mall, Serangoon Street Urinals are behind wall so time to “adjust” if you hear the door. Carpenter & Hong Kong Street Dark alleys after 7.00 pm. Clean toilet at The Riverwalk. Young guys and yuppies. Suntec City Shopping Mall By Singapore International Convention Centre, Singapore. This is the easiest place in Singapore to get some action, as a frequent visitor from the West. There is also a quieter toilet in the aforementioned City Mall Link, behind a shop called Purple Pots, just before you reach Suntec. Raffles City Shopping Center, 252 Loo cruising. Lucky Plaza Shopping Complex, Orchard Road, the main shopping street on this little Island-Nation, located at Paragon Mall a Typical washroom with a loud door. Plenty of recovery time if someone comes. Tanglin Shopping Centre,Tanglin Crowd: Expats and Local sexy men. Delta Swimming Complex, Redhill, Singapore. Discreet gays go here for a swim. Mostly people go there for some sun tanning. Funan IT Mall, 109, North Bridge Road, Singapore. Some cruising in toilets. Tanjong Pagar Plaza, Tanjong Pagar Plaza, Singapore. Many cute execs with tie and office execs whose want to release stress. International Plaza, 1 International Plaza., Singapore. Do not hang too long in the toilet and try toilet at parking level!Hoteldlands Checkpoint park Best to meet people there and go to your place. Better to go there only after dark. Chinatown back street cruising Back streets in Chinatown at night between club street, along Ann Siang Street to Maxwell food court. Great cruising and especially look for young guys in cars, some rent boys but great fun. City Link Mall Washrooms City Link Mall lined to City Hall MRT, Singapore. As you walk from City Hall train MRT towards Suntec City Underpass, the first toilet you come to is just after the escalators up, near New York New York restaurant. Sun Plaza Shopping Center Next to Sembawang MRT Station, Singapore. Students and the working crowd. Tanjong Beach, Sentosa The furthest beach away from Beach Station (Sentosa Express)and the opposite direction to Siloso Beach. Its past Palawan beach where the younger crowd hangs out. SeaShell Park, PasirRis Drive 4 A park on top of a hill. Lots of Army guys, joggers, local asians dudes cruise jog or stretching. High St Centre, 1 North Bridge Road Toilets 1st floor. No security at entrance. Toilets are clean and safe. Causeway Point The toilets on the first and second floors are very cruisy but the best is the fifth floor next to the arcade. Carlton Hotel 76 Bras Basah Road Hotel toilets and shower rooms Takashimaya Singapore Ltd, 391 Orchard Road Located in the toilets on the fifth floor next to tower B lifts. Tanglin Mall, Cnr Grange Road Busy shopping mall with a few quiet toilet locations for play time. Delta Swimming Complex, Redhill Discreet gays go here for a swim. Mostly people go there for some sun tanning. Last but not the least Have FUN! GOOD LUCK! (Edited) Reader’s Choice: 1. ION B1 TOILET Apparently our expants and office white collars like to relieve stress here. Look foward to some fun with foreigners too. @sgsecgayboy
  3. Call Me by Your Name

    thot it was a typical arthouse gay movie. there are no frontal nudity scenes, so for those looking for gratuitous sex scenes, u will not get any here. regardless of timothee's sexuality, he was dam good. the last scene looked like he was going thro all sorts of emotions wo saying a word. 3 ╭∩╮ our of 5
  4. when u get an expected boner coz the hawt barber's bulging crotch is too near your face... 




    1. Arm Show

      Arm Show

      Maybe it's his intention to come near ;)

  5. Tumblr Porn (Compiled) [NSFW]

    wow... wat's w all the retro jap porn lately.. this is rather vintage from g@mes video jp. http://www.games-video.co.jp/dvd_detail.php?code=WIG-B-032 u can probably try your luck to see if there is a free movie on hunk-ch.com but will be heavily pixelated.. so won't be shioks...
  6. 恭喜fuck财,everyone!

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      Thanks, everyone needs lots of it, haHa.    :)

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      wish yours will be 长长久久... :twisted:


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  7. Hey thanks for your link! U look hot too ;)

  8. Nice pic there

  9. Hot daddy and son working out in gym.  I can do some serious forced reps with them.  #wildthoughts :twisted:

    1. Arm Show

      Arm Show

      I love when you have wild thoughts. Especially when it happens in gym :P  

  10. Tumblr Porn (Compiled) [NSFW]

    Ahhh.... A Trance Video http://www.trance-video.com/sr/detail.php?id=35854 Only true losers, like me, who surfs porn all day would know... You can click on link on the page to see him in other vids. Not sure which one he got fucked.
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    happy late new year :D meetup soon ?!