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    Love Tall/beefy >175 ++++ > 65 kg---> 80 ++++++
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  1. Hot Polyclinic Doctor

    about 1.78 /65kg ,very manly look
  2. Hot Polyclinic Doctor

    Met a hot polyclinic doc cos I had flu....very thorough even check....there face/bod/mannerism...wow very caring and hot !!!! ask my bf , if he was my bf...advise us to care for each other
  3. Dares/Forfeits u play with Straight friends

    maybe challenge cum drink
  4. CNY family drama

    ts your choice to make your self happy...just don't ever go and get humiliated. Not worth such persons make your day bad. at my mums Buddhist funeral my sister asked the Buddhist monks to stop chanting, and gets the church and pastor to storm and take over. Read my my mums name wrongly. them that stupid pastor asked for $250 to be paid for his song. after funeral my sister insisted all the donation bai jin contributed by her friends to be return to her. another sister a Christian took 80% of my mothers assets and now have cancer, she will take all into her grave. both I now no longer in contact even if they die, nothing g to do with me Both habitual Casino visitor, organised by church to go Genting highlands always
  5. Dares/Forfeits u play with Straight friends

    a game is a game..rules are rules
  6. Dares/Forfeits u play with Straight friends

    did before...also winner decide if he wish to fuck or be fuckd
  7. means more commercial spending...more superstitious....gst to increase soon...more taxes...as usual whats goes up never comes down...only dicks do
  8. Dares/Forfeits u play with Straight friends

    blind fold them and suck them if they lost...a cock is a cock weather gay bi of straight when blindfolded
  9. eating noodles cup is wild act too...
  10. Prisoner gangmolest/tease roleplay

    its like pan pizzas
  11. Sex Adventure "Bucket List"

    pittyfyl cheap
  12. Car Fun (Compiled)

    anyone driving in east for a bj ?