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  1. Anyone in HK today and tomorrow? Can meet up in my hotel room for a drink and chats.
  2. How do you want to project yourself as a lady? If you see yourself as a slim type, then obviously the first step is to lose some weight. What is your height and weight if you don’t mind sharing?
  3. Would this be a camera-free event or would pics be taken?
  4. You are a sexy girl.

    Mmmmmmm....my sweet ball breaker

  5. Another shot of me in my couch... I think I 走光 a bit... my undies are showing
  6. Just bought this online... it’s too short and skimpy so I’m probably going to dispose of it. Took a pic for keepsake before I dispose of that!
  7. Is it no show? I too had been played out by a couple of BWers. Left me waiting for more than an hour... didn’t show up and cannot be reached.
  8. 14 Reasons Why Semen is the Healthiest Substance Ever

    The article did mention that ”Like anything you take in, make sure your supply source of semen is trustworthy and free of STDs”
  9. Shemale/ladyboy/cd/sissy Malaysia

    I am in KL till Sunday...
  10. I might as well put up another pic of me in the cheongsam... I had to contort myself in ways I didn’t think possible in order to squeeze myself into it and also to get the zip up from behind... anyone want to help me zip and unzip the cheongsam lol?
  11. Share your fantasies

    Mine is to prepare a meal for my man wearing nothing but an apron, while my man watches. After I finished preparing the meal I would remove my apron and have a candlelight dinner with my man. Alas! It will remain a fantasy coz I have no man and I can’t cook even if my life depends on it