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  1. Hotel Orgy / Group Sex Action (Compiled)

    Tonight's Session was good! Thanks to all who attended =D
  2. Hotel Orgy / Group Sex Action (Compiled)

    For this session, so far, we have: bottom x1 flex x2 top x2 I'm still looking out for guys who fit the description. 3 more days till Friday =)
  3. Hotel Orgy / Group Sex Action (Compiled)

    Hi all. I'm organising a small group (6p-7p) session at a hotel at Lavender. Safe, clean fun. 26th August Friday 8.00pm - 11.00pm Looking for tops / flex tops between ages 21-35, boyish looking, lean fit to muscular fit, Asian (Chinese preferably, or similar). You should have a positive attitude, know yourself well, know how to play. If you fit the description above, then you can PM me here with your LINE id, stats, intro, and photos. Thanks!
  4. I was in South Korea in October. I'm going back again 12th November onwards. This is a summary of what I learnt when I was there. APPSApps like Jackd and Grindr do work in Korea BUSAN Hue (Beomildong) - reported to be a sauna in utopiasia, it has now become a massage place. In general, starting price for massages is 150000won, and with extras thrown in, could go up to 300000won. Jackpot - seems to be a popular sauna in the area, with a good mix of hunks and twinks. 15000won. I:KU - a sauna that doesn't allow entry to foreigners (unless you speak korean) SEOUL Hyundae (Itaewon) - Did not go in. It's the foreign friendly sauna with english signs and foreigners. Aka boring. David (Itaewon) - It was empty on a Saturday night 10pm. But definitely well utilised, from the massive amount of bed space, and condom wrappers strewn all over the floor. I hear it's because the sauna gets full only after 4am, when guys are done clubbing. Prince (Shinchon/Hongik University) - Day charges are cheaper than night (if I remember correctly, 7am-7pm is 6500won, 7pm-7am is 13000won). Saw a mix of young students and older men on a Sunday afternoon. From my experience, getting laid in a jjimjilbang is like a science. There are many things you need to understand in order to succeed.To those who don't speak Korean or look like a korean, you might find it a challenge. Which makes it fun. To those going, hope you have a good time discovering why cubicles only have curtains (instead of doors), and other unique aspects of Korean Gay Jjimjilbang culture.