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  1. Once i had a wet dream of fucking my female poly classmate whom i don't even find hot or attractive at all. It's so weird in many ways.
  2. Swimming Pools / Complexes (Compiled)

    Lol it was closed just now so I'm not sure
  3. Swimming Pools / Complexes (Compiled)

    Sun looks good! Gonna swim at sengkang pool!
  4. Tamp's erratic steam room was working so well this evening! Love it!
  5. Weather is great! Time to go for a swim!
  6. Swimming Pools / Complexes (Compiled)

    The question is if there are any eyevandies haha
  7. Swimming Pools / Complexes (Compiled)

    All is good except for the annoying cruisy uncles in the toilet area =x
  8. Swimming Pools / Complexes (Compiled)

    Weather looks real good. Going to katong now for a swim!
  9. Swimming Pools / Complexes (Compiled)

    Eyecandies at tamp today
  10. So many eyecandies at jurong hurhur
  11. Swimming Pools / Complexes (Compiled)

    I know how that feels @bluerunner. Now I just hang around longer to wait for the sun to come out lol
  12. Swimming Pools / Complexes (Compiled)

    The sun is nice today! Going to swim at katong now to get some nice Vitamin D
  13. weather looks promising today! going for a swim today at jurong at 12