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  1. new bun bun for cover photo... ^^

    1. enthuboy_93


      Fuckkkk dat tanline..

  2. Heading to Serangoon pool later... ^^ you are my sunshine, you are my sunshine...

    1. 13579
    2. RoyalSamuel


      @13579 odd korkor buyao anyhow say hor... if rain le... i ask ur boy boy sit on u then u know... =P

    3. enthuboy_93


      Waa Serangoon pool must have been very crowded eh
      After seeing this post of urs @RoyalSamuel

  3. Serangoon CC

    which one? the one behind serangoon CC? or the one at the Pet Shop? or the one at the 7 eleven there....
  4. Serangoon CC

    carrot cake here nice mehs? carrot cake here is under rated, I still prefer my old home, @ Bedok Reservoir.... or chomp chomp's just beside the rojak stall...
  5. Popular Moon Cakes

    my grandma told us everytime, not to buy from 大中国! cuz there was once (dk how many decades ago), my grandma saw them taking mooncakes out of previous year's boxes, take out the skin, remake the lotus and make new mooncakes with last year's lotus paste. and the mooncakes bought from them always don't last till Mid Autumn Fest, cuz easy spoil. Disclaimer: dont know true or not, cuz by my grandma.... but our family dont trust them, so just a piece of advice. Believe 就 Believe, Don't Believe 就 Don't Believe... 不要 flame 我!
  6. Serangoon CC

    Didn't know the CC near my house so kinky one...
  7. Play Mobile Legends halfway 283ms and cannot reconnect... what the sai sia.... anyone have this problem?

  8. size 32 fits my waist, but my butt cheeks seems like its gonna burst out of my pants... thus 33 will be a best choice... =,( poor butt cheeks, because of you I can't get a fitting pants... #buttstoobig =(

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    2. RoyalSamuel


      @skinnyboi_93 huh who else? Oo

      @sphere wowwww... so long huh.... stop drooling ok?

    3. skinnyboi_93
    4. enthuboy_93
  9. Hi. I’m alexis keen to be friends with you? 

  10. Sometimes... you don't even know if you should laugh or cry at your own shit... =,( stress max max...

  11. Pleasuring my anus with my index and middle finger =P

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    2. RoyalSamuel


      n2 boy... of cuz... but i prefer 4 fingers... buy for me please? since u alr treat me pandan cheese roll le... ^^

    3. skinnyboi_93


      Nah, no fat :)

      I make that person who say that become fat :D

    4. enthuboy_93


      Waaa then shld be ur treat this time round right?? Hahaha

  12. i have a bump on my forehead... cuz a mosquito kissed me last night. =,(

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    2. RoyalSamuel


      @enthuboy_93 need to go thru so many layers of clothes pls... plus i dont sleep nude.

      @shh.secret yes i dont like mosquitoes too.

      @Kimochi super bad sia... what dengue!

    3. enthuboy_93


      Ouh ya hor 
      Forgot bout them

    4. Kimochi


      Zika , zika ,zika, zika ~

  13. I suck at making an April Fool joke to fool someone! I always get exposed as an April Fool prank! It's not fun! =,( 

    1. quantum


      Get the free Starbucks. It will boost your creativity.

    2. RoyalSamuel


      @quantum korkor very funny hor! i make foam milk for u to drink then u knowwww....