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  1. Finally tmr is Friday~~~ :D

  2. Brrr~ My hands are cold. Can I warm them on your hot dick? :P

  3. 2 Choose 1

    Meat Galore Nipple Piercing OR Tattoos
  4. Make A Sentence From 5 Letters

    Guy Is Licking A Monster F U K M E
  5. Dr Thum Ping Tjin

    Damn~ Hot geeky daddy~ F me pls
  6. Horny Saturday~ ;)

  7. Your nipple head big and yummy ^^

  8. 2 Choose 1

    Cum in mouth. Sweaty body OR Lubed body
  9. Foreplay tips

    Oh and when sucking his nips or dick, bring his hands to the back of your head. He will know what to do next
  10. Genitals and pits should be trimmed or shaved, but happy trail cannot disappear!
  11. Foreplay tips

    Draw circles with your tongue on his nips, his knees will go weak
  12. Him: So tell me more about yourself.


    Me: I’m always hungry and I’m always tired. :mellow:

    1. manehiso


      I'm guessing that didn't go far..? 

  13. Just because I am nice to you doesn't mean I'm flirting with you or I want you bro. I am just a nice fucking person. :mellow: 

    1. Atlas Star

      Atlas Star

      depends bah. did u send mixed signal ?


    2. Yaoi


      Fuck me senpai~ ;)

    3. J0Boo


      @Atlas Star Definitely not~

      @Yaoi That is so random LOL :D

  14. Bread is like the Sun, it rises in the yeast and sets in the waist. :lol: