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  1. Seeking top for me to suck and you can unload into my mouth. Prefer Chn below 32. Have place in the east later. Pm me for more details
  2. Phone Sex (Compiled)

    Any horny Chn top wants to dominate me on phone? Prefer Chn below 32. 21 Chn 178 75 btm here
  3. Phone Sex (Compiled)

    Any Chn top wanna dominate me over phone now? Pm me
  4. Anybody in Tampines need an unload. Prefer below 30yo Chn and close to me. DM for details.
  5. Phone Sex (Compiled)

    Seeking a dominant top preferably below 30 and chinese to dominate me on phone. Pm me.
  6. Phone Sex (Compiled)

    Any young tops for fone now :)?
  7. Phone Sex (Compiled)

    Seeking Dominant and Initiative Top for phone sex (call or whatever) now. 21 178 75 Btm Chn here. Prefer Chinese below 35 year old. PM me.
  8. Phone Sex (Compiled)

    Seeking dominant and nice TOP. 21 Chn 178 75 btm here. Chats first then fun. Prefer Chn below 32yo
  9. Phone Sex (Compiled)

    Looking for dominant and nice top. Preferably Chn below 32yo. Chat first then fun.
  10. Phone Sex (Compiled)

    Seeking Dominant Top to voice chat with. Preferably 30 or younger. Pref Chn. 21 Chn 178 75 btm here.
  11. Phone Sex (Compiled)

    Seeking for dominant and initiative top Chn (preferably 18-27) for phone sex. Pm me
  12. Phone Sex (Compiled)

    21 Chn btm 178 75. Looking for dominant TOP (18-27 preferred) to dominate with ur voice and Sex talk me. Pm me
  13. Looking for 18-25 Top for me to suck @ east and for you to dominate me with your tool. Looking to drink and swallow if your hot enough :). PM me for more details. No place most of the time.
  14. Phone Sex (Compiled)

    21 sg Chn btm here. Want to get dominated by young TOP. Voice Call preferred
  15. Tampines Eco Park

    Think there's smth inside.. keep hearing rustling noises in the bushes.. maybe dogs or smth