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  1. anybody at harmoni hotel now ?
  2. got some info from Alex, thanks again
  3. Hi anybody been to fame spa since this post ? heard its a man only spa based on pics and info frm google, got outdoor pool(looks like swimming pool),hot and cold pool i also like to know the pricing to use the facilities only. Thanks
  4. Chinatown Massage Recommendation

    jus out from well.com reflexology by Raymond, 1 man operation located near kim cheong at lucky chinatown quite sensual, no HE overall quite ok 60mins @ $40
  5. Open Shower near garden

    i was thinking along tt line... skinny dipping...but looking for interested party who dun mind overnie
  6. Open Shower near garden

  7. thanks 40st u think u can recommend any tat comes with pool or jacuzzi i enjoy soaking the pool
  8. anybody knows if he still gives massage ? i sms him for any last min slots, but no replies thanks
  9. Can anybody advise if XJMZ got jacuzzi, sauna n steam room ? if so, do the patrons relax round these places in nude ? and does that apply to other places mentioned here, im thinking of visiting these places ard late cny 2018 thnks in advance
  10. tried first time, overall quite good, din really waste much time replying phone msg, hardly speak thru out the massage
  11. Hi all can anybody clarify, or im not certain if im the only person facing this problem - i cant access this forum when im at bkk, can anybody confirm ? and if so, how to counter this problem ?
  12. Hot Spa @ Roxy Square

    I totally agree, sadly, i dun have enuff capital to be one of the bosses of hot spa to make such suggestion in fact i think a small towel is more efficient in more ways than 1 than shorts...for one, the amount of water wasted to wash the small towels are already lesser than shorts
  13. Hot Spa @ Roxy Square

    i totally understand...cos when im there i jus wrap in towels cos i was the only nude guy at that time