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  1. Woodland Civic Centre

    tomorrow 6pm at civic center anyone? i’ll be in army uniform
  2. Phone Sex (Compiled)

    any fit top up for it?
  3. Master Seeking Slave

    Looking for a fit master to tie me up and give it to me
  4. Phone Sex (Compiled)

    looking for fit and dominating top
  5. Phone Sex (Compiled)

    any fit guys up for it?
  6. Woodland Civic Centre

    any fit guy around 6pm later?
  7. Woodland Civic Centre

    civic center tomorrow 6pm anyone?
  8. Master Seeking Slave

    Looking for master to serve
  9. Phone Sex (Compiled)

    any fit guys?
  10. any gay grabcar uber drivers here?

    Anyone tomorrow at 530pm from mandai hill camp to yishun? NSF here.
  11. Phone Sex (Compiled)

    Looking for guys with hot bod to phone sex
  12. Woodland Civic Centre

    any hot guys around now?
  13. Phone Sex (Compiled)

    phone sex now. anyone?
  14. any gay grabcar uber drivers here?

    anyone wanna drive to yishun for some fun?