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  1. Emperor Spa

    U mean he touch ur nipples too
  2. Chinatown Massage Recommendation

    People park centre Uncle Kim
  3. What did he do to u n make u so frustrated n saying Kim is not a decent guy too?
  4. Massage and trim service

    How to make appointment?
  5. Anyone knows how to contact Zhang's directly? Thanks
  6. Ah Tan Massage @ Bedok North

    Ha ha benson must be the type he likes! that why trying hard to pleased him,right?
  7. Well,can u just tell us how often u had sex with Sex n how do u turned on with Wife while having sex? Lol
  8. What is ur charges,stat n timing? Thanks
  9. Ah Tan Massage @ Bedok North

    Do u had any snapshot or pictures showing ur appointment is at 7pm?
  10. Hi is ur night massage daily? what is ur night timing's? thanks
  11. Hi

    i am interested on ur service 

    is ur Line Id correctly?