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  1. Reeally sounds interesting.by the way,how old is the massager? How much u pay n how to make appointment with him? Thanks
  2. Emperor Spa

    That means u had a nice ass
  3. Emperor Spa

    Do u know what is the name of upper left? Thanks
  4. Try Tony massage recently I likes he is giving a hard n strong massaging.His skills is good. Most important he can achieved what u needed n required Do remember SMS for appointment before going there,to avoid disappointment. Overall,I am happy with smiling face leaving the shop Will definitely go back again soon
  5. Emperor Spa

    U mean he touch ur nipples too
  6. Chinatown Massage Recommendation

    People park centre Uncle Kim
  7. What did he do to u n make u so frustrated n saying Kim is not a decent guy too?
  8. Massage and trim service

    How to make appointment?
  9. Anyone knows how to contact Zhang's directly? Thanks
  10. Ah Tan's Massage

    Ha ha benson must be the type he likes! that why trying hard to pleased him,right?
  11. Well,can u just tell us how often u had sex with Sex n how do u turned on with Wife while having sex? Lol
  12. What is ur charges,stat n timing? Thanks