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  1. Bored

    Teban gardens. Pm me
  2. Bored

    Any one free? I can host.
  3. Which part in Teban? I live there too. Damn need some action too. Haha.
  4. Which part should I go to seek for some fun? Any dark and ulu places for fun? Pls do share as I'm keen to explore late at night.
  5. Daddy wanted

    Any daddy wanna breed a straight but curious bottom tonight? All you have to do is just a few things. 1. Please host. 2. Anytime after the sun sets 3. Be very patient and slow as I'm tight as hell (never be fucked before) 4. Beung discreet is our mutual agreement So just pm me if you want some fun.
  6. Fort road

    Hey there guys. Can someone let me know what's the scenario like at fort road? I've heard it was a whole different place back in those days. But is there a beach still deep inside somewhere? The one and only time I went there, I was all alone and clueless where to walk. Was at the bridge just opp the carpark. Didn't know where to go. Any old timers or frequent goers please update? Thank you
  7. Shogun Spa @ Chinatown

    They sell condom? Gosh I didn't know. Hahaha
  8. Can't sleep cos he wasn't sleepy
  9. Bukit Batok Nature Park

    Deep inside this place, there's an open area with a hut-like shelter area. It'd be great to make out there at 2-3am. Thrilling outdoor fuck session.
  10. Daddy & Me (Compiled) [No Incest!]

    Local 25 year old chubby butt Indian here. Anal Virgin and have not been finger fucked too. Willing to try and eagerly wanting to feel the sensation. 1.80m and 85kg. I can drive and willing to travel. Please have a place to host. If you wanna do it outdoors, I know of a extremely secluded place. Do hit me up if you have the patience to pop my cherry and explore it.
  11. Shogun Spa @ Chinatown

    How's the place in the morning? Around 8-10am